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July 20, 2011
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The Butler Disengaged
This was a dream.  It was the only explanation for all of it.
I did not have a fever.
The weather was not horrid.
I was not awake, rather, lying asleep in bed.
Grell Sutcliff was not standing in front of me.

As the rain beat against my face, the wind chilling my body to the core, there was only one thing I could feel: the anger and hurt I felt for the man standing before me, upon the ledge of my balcony.  The man who single-handedly destroyed one of the last pieces of my normal life.
Every time I saw him and his disgusting grin, it made me sick to my stomach.
Without even thinking, I spoke, my feelings overwhelming me too much.

"What business do you have here, Shinigami?  What do you want this time?"  I knew that he wasn't truly a man, but a reaper of death.  Sent to judge and take lives of the people on Earth.  However, the one time that he stepped from his path, disregarding his job and attaching himself to a human, he ended up corrupting her, allowing her divine judgement to become tainted with the crimson blood spilled on his behalf.  All in all he plucked her from the crowd, led her astray and ended up painting her a new colour of red, one of which had never been seen before.

"Ahh child, fear not.  Your time is still not up...  I planned to avoid confrontation actually.  To sneak into your humble abode without notice and to find something very precious to me."  He jumped from the ledge, the lengthy tail of his coat fluttering gracefully behind him as he did so.

"What of mine could you possibly want so desperately?"  I knew of one thing and one thing only that he could have wanted and it annoyed me greatly.  It was the same bloody thing.  Every.  Single.  Time.

"Oh, you know..."  A blush spread across his face before he started to giggle uncontrollably like a derranged female.  It kind of reminded me of another young lady that I knew...

I shuddered at the thought, the current situation being a big enough headache without adding another imbecile to the mix.

"That is out of the question, Grell.  I'm afraid that particular item is not up for grabs.  As you well know it never has nor ever will be.  It belongs to me and me alone, right until the very end."  Pouting, he crossed his arms, the arm of his coat slipping down his right shoulder.

"But that's not fair!"  He whined, irking me even more.
"Little boys need to learn how to share!  You're just a spoilt little bra-"  He's cut off mid-sentence as my elbow connects with his gut, a pleasant sound emitting from his mouth as he falls to his knees.

"I'm sorry, the word 'share' isn't in the English Phantomhive dictionary.  Now get the bloody hell off of my property before I call for Sebastian to remove you."  His eyes lit up and as though I had never hurt him, he raised his arms into the air in excitement.

"KYAAAHHH!  SEBASTIAN!  Where is he?  I want to see him!  If it were him kicking me out of the house I'd have absolutely no problem with that whatsoever!"  He had totally planned on me saying that.  How utterly annoying that I have to deal with a being full of such prestidigitation.

Glaring at Grell all the while, my lips move, a faint whisper falling from my mouth with the drops of rain that preceeded it.
"Sebastian...  Come to me."  No less that five seconds later did I hear the door click and feel the warmth of material.  A soft, black coat had been draped over my shoulders.

"Bocchan, you'll catch your death out here!  Let us get insi-"  The only thing that I remember seeing was a flash of red before hearing a rather loud grunt.  He had reached out to touch me before he was knocked back against the glass panes of the door, his body slipping down to the ground.

"SEBBY!!  My darling Sebastian, it has been ever so long since our last encounter!  How I have longed to feel your body against mine once mo-"  It all happens too fast for my eyes but I hear another loud noise, a thud, before a sickening crack and see Sebastian back on his feet, cushioning his hand in his other, staring at the bloody mess he had made on the floor, the wall of the balcony cracked somewhat.

"Grell Sutcliff, please refrain from acting and saying such things around myself and the young master...  It's unseemly and quite frankly, disgusting."  Brushing himself down he turned to me and I could see his mouth part open as if he were about to speak but before his words could come out he was interrupted once more by a sore looking Grell who was currently nursing his abdomen.

"Bassy, my love, stop acting so coy around the child.  Just because he does know about true love does not mean you should shield him from it!"  The pervert had proceeded in squeezing himself in between my butler and myself, his arms tightly woven around Sebastian's left arm.  He had started to manically giggle to himself again and I could see Sebastian's eyes beginning to glow.
"You're so warm Sebastian.  You're making me so warm!"  And he could say that so easily standing next to the half naked teenager, dripping with rain water!?  I swore to myself, if Sebastian didn't do something about this tumour soon I was personally going to take matters into my own hands.  Not that I could feel my own hands...
"I can't take all this closeness anymore!  Kiss me Sebastian!"  No sooner had his lips puckered did Sebastian strike once again, this time with a fist to Grell's face, Grell ending up in the same place as he had landed previously, this time with a rather bloody looking nose.
"UWAHH!  Why do you always go for the face, Sebby darling?  My beautiful face..."  He stands up, palming his bloody face in his hands.

"You have been asked repeatedly to remove yourself from the premisis and have, so far, failed to do so.  I'm afraid that next time I won't be so nice."  His eyes were glowing a deep crimson now and I realised that he had moved closer to me.

"Ahh, but I used to be so welcome here.  Alas no more.  I at least thought you would have missed me."  He sighed and dusted himself before hopping nimbly up onto the part of the balcony that currently wasn't broken from his and Sebastian's small ruckus.
"Parting with you always makes me so sad.  I had hoped that we wouldn't part on such bittersweet terms."  He pressed his spectacles up his nose and smirked, despite his obvious discomfort from Sebastian's blows.
"Though, I should inform you that I shall be returning in the near future, you can count on that.  But this time my visit will not be so leisurely.  It will be pertaining to the young master there."  He grinned creepily and I felt a wave of fear wash over me briefly.

"What are you talking about Grell?  Explain yourself!"  I took a step forward towards him and he raised his hand, shaking his finger at me.

"All in due time... My Lord..."  Emphasis being heavily inflicted on the last two words of that sentence.  He bowed and blew a kiss to Sebastian (who I felt flinch aside me) before he jumped back, jumping over the ledge, his voice wavering into nothing as he fell to the ground below.
"All in due time!"  And with that he disappeared into the darkness.

"My Lord, what are your orders?"  I did not speak for a moment, his words resonating in my head.

"I..."  A fresh wave of emotion came crashing down upon me, this time it hit me hard and before I knew what was happening, I had collapsed in Sebastian's forever-waiting arms.

His arms wrap around my waist, hoisting me once again into his arms, not caring that he was getting drenched from both the rain and my body.

"Your entire body is shaking young master.  Please let me prepare for you a hot beverage.  A warm glass of milk perhaps?"  I grip onto his shirt and press myself against his chest, shuddering harder as I only just realised exactly how cold I had actually become.

I could see the drops of water dripping down his face, his perfect hair, which was still perfect, soaked to the scalp.  I wrapped my arms around his neck, the need for warmth heightening.

"Let me dress you my Lord.  I need you to stay warm else I fear you may take ill."  He pulled some sheets from my desk and experthandedly managed both my body and the sheets together, wrapping my me in the thick material  Placing me on the bed, he proceeded in drying my hair with the sheets, drying my skin soon after.  Within minutes he had almost completely dried me and had slipped my nightdress over my head before tucking me tightly under the covers.

"I shall prepare for you a glass of warm milk, bocchan, and then-"  He's cut short, in shock no doubt.  He glances down and finds my hand clenched tightly around the base of his tailcoat.

"Please I..."  I pause and sigh, letting go of the material of his coat.  Stop being so bloody pathetic Ciel.
"I want you to stay with me."

"But my Lord, if you just have a warm drink-"  He's cut short yet again, this time because I shout at him.

"Sebastian, do not disobey me!  I order you to stay with me!  Get in my bloody bed and keep me warm!"  I blush at the request and my outburst and feel a little saddened when he's silent for a few moments and I actually begin to believe that he is actually going to ignore my orders.  He blows the candles out and the darkness consumed the room.
"Sebastian, you-"  This time it's me cut short as my butler cuts me off, the bed dipping and his warm body pressing against mine.  I shudder at the contact, desperately hoping that he doesn't realise but then I realise that I'm still shaking, my body still cold from the extensive submission to the extreme wind and rain.

"Yes, my Lord..."  Whimpering at how close he is to me, I clench my eyes shut, willing sleep to take me so that the humiliation of my butler sharing such closeness with me can pass quicker.

I feel his warm breath on the back of my neck and it calms me somewhat, relaxing my tense muscles, halting my bodily spasms.
Fairly soon I had calmed down but now I was faced with a new problem.  My face had begun to radiate heat at an alarming rate, my breathing somewhat erratic.
It was because I was unwell.  That was the only explanation for it.  Nothing else could cause me to react this way.

Eventually I had completely relaxed, drowsiness taking over.

"Never leave me Sebastian..."

"...Until the very end, my Lord."  That was the last thing I remember hearing before falling into a deep slumber. be continued...
Okay, so I am SEVERELY warey about this add...
I APOLOGISE if Grell is not up to your standards, but I don't know enough about him to write him properly.. Just bear with me, hokaii?

This chapter is dedicated to everyone who reads, comments and favourites. You all make me so happy <3

Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler & all characters mentioned (c) Yana Toboso
This story (c) me
The image was drawn by me: [link]

Prologue - [link]
Page 4 - [link]
Part 6 - [link]
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The writing style to this piece is beautifully done, not to mention the fantastic word choice and spelling is perfect to a fault! I love the detailed words and how they flow off the tongue (So well in fact I started reading aloud half-way through without even noticing) and the bittersweet cliffhanger only making me giddy to read more.

Your technique (even with cannon characters that do not belong to you) is smooth and well worded, coming out as the character would say- unlike most which force the cannon to become OOC so much that you shudder and turn away from the screen just to stop your eyes from scanning the horrid page.

The entire thing made me shiver and flush at times, giggling to myself in a fan-girlish sort of way - nodding in agreement or even yelling at my screen at a Grell for being the creeper he is. It's wonderful to have this feeling again since the last time I experienced it was in a Novel (House of Night) and that was a good year ago. Thank-you for the feeling.

A beautifully written piece any Kuroshitsuji SebastianxCiel fan should read.
I do believe I've fallen in love with how you write =PoynterJones. :love:
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